Landseer European Continental Type (ECT)
‘from the Pacific Coast’
Member of the 'German Landseer Club', (DLC)

pcl_schroederHi I am Schroeder,

I am a brown Newfoundland dog, not one of the Landseer ECT’s. I would like to show you how my Landseer friends and I live at our ‘dog ranch’ on the Oregon coast. We are living on two acres which are fully fenced. Thus we can run around and have a lot of exercise. The biggest yard is the Girls’ yard. We all use it and we have a lot of fun there. Unfortunately I can not go there when our girls are in heat….
A few times a week we are walking on the beach. I think that is even better than the nicest yard.

Schroeder's Yard

Schroeders YardSometimes my boss has visitors and they ‘park’ their horses in my yard. I don’t like that because the horses always have issues when I want to sniff them .

Sun Room

Sun RoomMy boss wanted to use the Sun room for us and the family. Well….. we have taken over. So, consider this the sun room for the dogs.

Charlie's Yard

Sun RoomBetween Charlie's and my yard there is a fence. We don’t like each other anymore, because of a beautiful female we both liked. My boss says that's like “real life”… Charlie has two dog houses but I have the porch.

Sun Room

Schroeders YardThe sun room has heating. That makes it nice and cozy on the cold and wet days in Oregon.


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