Landseer European Continental Type (ECT)
‘from the Pacific Coast’
Member of the 'German Landseer Club', (DLC)

Our girl Ivory


Pacific Coast Landseers Ivory Pacific Coast Landseers Izzy

My name is 'Ivory from the Pacific Coast'. I was born in September 2015 here in Oregon. My father is Vitus (his friends call him Maverick) and my mother is Bluemchen.

I am told that I have become a very pretty girl and all the boys, especially Frederick, think I am very attractive. My life here is just fantastic, going to the beaches and playing on the property. My favorite playmate is my younger half-sister Kiss. We love running, jumping and chasing each other. I had my first litter in September 2017. It was only one puppy, but a very cute one.


Pacific Coast Landseers izzie and horsePacific Coast Landseers izzie in wild oceanPacific Coast Landseers bosses boss and I"

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