Landseer European Continental Type (ECT)
‘from the Pacific Coast’
Member of the 'German Landseer Club', (DLC)

Frederick vom Margarethenhof

Pacific Coast Landseers CharlieHi, my name is Frederick vom Margarethenhof. I was born in Rostock, Germany, in October 2012. Izzy and I, we have the same father. They named me Frederick after Frederic the Great, the famous Prussian king. My breeder is a vet who has had Landseers for over 25 years.

I came to Oregon as a puppy in January 2013 and I was approved for breeding by the German Landseer Club in October 2014. I am living with Mack, the Newfoundland, on our 5 acre property. Of course there are also some humans around. I would like to mention Rayleen and Kevin, our bosses. They make sure that there is always plenty of food and fresh water available for us. Kevin has impressed Thomas, the Landseer breeder, with a new way to train me. He has bought a remote controlled off road truck. I love to chase that thing. A few times I have caught that truck, but Kevin does not like me to chew on it. That is the downside to it.

Mack is O.K., but he is a little bit slow. He is also a little intolerant as he gets upset when I bark in his ears. The girl on the picture is Bea.

Of course I love the water and I am a fantastic swimmer.

Pacific Coast Landseers CharliePacific Coast Landseers the boss and I

Pacific Coast Landseers CharliePacific Coast Landseers the boss and I

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