Landseer European Continental Type (ECT)
‘from the Pacific Coast’
Member of the 'German Landseer Club', (DLC)

Vitus von der Burg Wettin called Maverick

Pacific Coast Landseers Enzo Pacific Coast Landseers CharlieI am called Maverick, but my real name is Vitus von der Burg Wettin (...from the castle of Wettin). I was born in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, in 2013. Now I am living north of San Francisco. Maverick is a cool name for a cool dog, -think Top Gun !

I love people, playing with my folks and going for walks. Of course every Landseer likes that. Excitement strikes every time I get fresh drinking water. I love to slobber in it. My boss thinks that is not so nice, because I mess up the house. She always forgives me.

If you ask me, life is all about being comfortable.To give you an example: the kiddie swimming pool is cool and refreshing. I prefer the pool to the ocean. One can get quite comfortable in a kiddie swimming pool. I also like to put myself comfortably for hours in front of our fresh air fan. After that I love to sit on my bosses lap. That is also comfortable, however with 155 lbs not so much for my boss.

In 2015 I was evaluated by the German Landseer Club and after my x-ray check showed excellent joints, I received my breeding certification.

Pacific Coast Landseers CharliePacific Coast Landseers the boss and IPacific Coast Landseers bosses boss and I

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