Landseer European Continental Type (ECT)
‘from the Pacific Coast’
Member of the 'German Landseer Club', (DLC)

Frodo from the Pacific Coast

Pacific Coast Landseers CharlieI am Frodo, I was born in November 2014 in the Pacific Coast Landseer Kennel. My mother is Izzy and my father is Phantom from Whit'n Black from the Kennel Bellandseer in Belgium.

Now you might ask yourself how my mom and my dad got together. The secret is artificial insemination with frozen semen. Artificial is actually a misleading expression because there is nothing artificial about this kind of insemination, it is just not natural. I am also not artificial. In fact I am quite lively.

Today I am living in Corvallis, OR, with Pam and Roland. They fell in love with me when I was a puppy and they adopted me. What can I say, they really spoil me. I get Bison treats, steak and all sorts of fancy food. Why am I still so slim ? Well, they send me to a K9 nature camp twice a week. There I can run on an 80 ac forrested property. You should see my muscles. People are pretty impressed when they see me running.

But my swimming is actually even more impressive. I am a great swimmer. That's a no-brainer for everybody who knows that Izzy is my mom.

Pacific Coast Landseers CharliePacific Coast Landseers the boss and I

Pacific Coast Landseers CharliePacific Coast Landseers the boss and I

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